Engaging the Foodservice Industry

Date: 09/11/2015

Introducing plate2planet

A recent survey by the SRA revealed the continued need for foodservice operators to drive sustainability within their business, responding to the 83% of consumers that said sustainability directly affects their dining choices. To support this, we're excited to announce the launch of plate2planet, a new site to support sustainability in the foodservice industry, powered by our client Bidvest Foodservice, with support from Clarity.

The site has been launched in partnership with key suppliers in the Bidvest Foodservice supply chain including Unilever, Premier Foods, Delifrance UK, Vegware, Planet First and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, powered by Bidvest Foodservice.

Technically, the site is based on a set of characterisations that allow the different collaborators and others from the industry to sign up, share and tag their learnings and experiences, making it easier for others to find and implement these - saving the industry time and costs in moving towards a more sustainable future. After all, whether a waste, nutrition or packaging initiative, there's probably another organisation in the industry that has already been through a very similar journey. Therefore, we're making available a set of case studies, tools, articles, opinion pieces and promotions to support this development.

“Our customers, and those of our plate2planet partners, care deeply about sustainability and operators across the industry are taking measures to tackle the challenges,” said Shirley Duncalf, Head of Sustainability at Bidvest Foodservice.

“Caterers are looking to drive successful green initiatives that truly add value to their own community, customers and their bottom line but many of them tell us they do not have the resources to research trends, find new suppliers or dissect complicated reports and Government documents.  As a result, sustainable change is inching forward rather than propelling.”

“We have listened to these concerns and responded to the need for better access. As a collective we have a wealth of knowledge that is unparalleled. Our aim, in sharing these resources in a single space, is to support the entire industry to make small but effective changes which can ultimately have a huge impact on a global scale, and on profit margins. Our message is that by working together we can truly enact positive change.”

Read the full press release at: http://www.plate2planet.co.uk/plate2planet-launches/

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