What is the definition of Green Marketing?

Date: 11/06/2011

What is the definition of green marketing?

We look at some definitions of green marketing and present our own take on it.

Green marketing, environmental marketing, sustainable and ecological marketing…. it comes by many names but is essentially the same practice.

What are some definitions of green marketing?

“The marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe” – American Marketing Association, (Green Markets International, Accessed 2008)

“Promotional activities aimed at taking advantage of the changing consumer attitudes toward a brand. These changes are increasingly being influenced by a firm’s policies and practices that affect the quality of the environment, and reflect the level of its concern for the community” – Businessdictionary.com, (accessed 2010)

“Integrating business practices and products that are friendly to the environment while also meeting the needs of the consumers” – Pearson Education, (accessed 2010)

As you can see these definitions range broadly from the ‘taking advantage’ of consumer attitudes, through to the consumer being almost an afterthought. One focuses on the nature of the product, another on the practices of the organisation. None of these quite hit the mark for us.

How do Clarity Sustainability define green marketing?

“Satisfying the requirements of customers and other stakeholders more sustainably, through integrated efforts to improve the environmental and social responsibility of the organisation, it’s products, services and communications”

That is probably enough detail for most people, however for those wanting some more detail, we have broken the definition down to a greater degree of detail here.

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