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Bidvest Foodservice

Sustainability Reporting in Foodservice

Developing 3663’s approach to sustainability communications to create a more engaging platform with which to further a point of differentiation for the business.

Our C.L.E.A.R Approach:


3663 do a lot of great sustainability work but they wanted to refine their approach to 2013 reporting.


We facilitated development sessions with the team and made recommendations on the approach. We brought  many of the great messages of the supply chain together,


The road we travel’ as a journey of constant improvement. We captured video and images across the supply chain to bring this to life as a compelling sustainability story. For example:    


Highly interactive 2013 reporting, including digital stories linking to a revitalised online presence, with video, animation and interesting imagery.


Excitement both inside and outside of the business, more engaged stakeholders across the supply chain and 3663 winning awards for their stakeholder engagement communications.

We've gone on to deliver the 2014 reporting with great feedback and now we're looking at a number of innovative sustainability initiatives to really build engagement and leadership in the broadest sesnse.

 Download this year's report 

View a selection of footage on the microsite:


The format of our Sustainability Report has been totally refreshed by the innovation approach taken by Clarity. The reader friendly and eye catching document has received a number of positive comments from our stakeholders Shirley Duncalf, Head of Sustainability, 3663

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