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Differentiating at the Premium End of the Market

Barbour have been leading in the safety information market for over 30 years, however the marketplace was becoming more competitive and prices were being dropped. They asked us to help position them at the top end of the market and help deliver sales.


Our Clear Approach


Create a compelling value proposition, marketing approach and sales tools to drive sales uplift.


Research and facilitated sessions with the team allowed us to discover what mattered to customers and that Barbour had 30% more content than the nearest competitor.


Barbour 'H&S the knowledge' became the centre of a new proposition, with a fun play on words. 


A refined message, marketing plan and set of sales tools that the whole team could move forwards with. 


Barbour quickly reverted to rate card prices, got sales on target and there were big promotions.

The team took a great deal of trouble to understand our business challenges and then came up with some great, tailored solutions to meet our needs which were both very creative, clever and professional.
Heather Beach
Brand Director - OSH Global

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