Clear Thinking is at the heart of sustainability campaigns

Clear Thinking is a philosophy we live by at Clarity and bring to each and every project, There's some good reasons we put it at the heart of everything we do:

Clear Thinking is genuine

Did you know that in the DEFRA 'Assessment of Green Claims' nearly half the sample responded 'I find it difficult to understand whether a product is environmentally friendly from the packaging. It's no small wonder people get confused, with the number of options available, level of noise out there - not to mention the so called 'greenwash'. And this doesn't just relate to packaging - it's your reporting, camapaigns, stakeholder engagement - it spans all communications and touchpoints.

If people are confused or worse, sceptical of the information provided, they are more likely to turn to a competitor they feel more comfortable with. Being clear, transparent and genuine is at the very heart of sustainability communications - let's keep it simple and take people with us.

Clear Thinking delivers results

Some call this 'single minded', having a real point of focus and differentiation. We focus on your key challenges and opportunities. Our team can then help draw out the meaningful nuggets of insight, distill the essence of the proposition and deliver an outstanding creative that performs.

Clear Thinking helps us work together

This is a philosophy that is not limited to the work we produce - Clear Thinking is just as important in how we mange our processes, the projects, budgets, timescales. By being clear about the scope of work, how we intend to get their and what the results we expect to generate are, we create great working relationships with our clients. We aim to be an extension of your marketing team.

If you want to learn more about the way we work, read about our culture here at Clarity.

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