Our areas of impact

Given the nature of our business, we’re only a relatively small company. Being serviced based and located on a small shared site, our environmental impact is limited in nature, however that does not stop us in the ongoing pursuit or decreasing this impact further.


Our ongoing analysis shows our top 3 areas of impact to be

  • Emissions from travelling to client sites and clients coming to our office
  • Use of electricity for heating and equipment
  • Material consumption and waste produced – largely stationery, ink and IT equipment


How we are reducing our impact?

Some of the ways we are reducing the negative impacts of the business and maximising the positives include

  • Running a management system in accordance with the principles of ISO 14001
  • Conducting as much of our business virtually via web / phone based conferences, email and telephone as we can
  • Utilising new, efficient cars for the employees, including ‘Band A’ rated and offer a high mileage to the gallon
  • Ensuring that the vast majority of items purchased for the business passes a screening process for environmental impact
  • Producing materials in a manner to lower their environmental impacts
  • Reusing and recycling virtually all of our waste, including on site composting and wormeries for organic waste
  • Use of electronic processes to reduce paper consumption
  • Having energy efficient technologies fitted throughout the office
  • Using carbon offsetting to minimise impacts beyond those that we can sensibly reduce through our management efforts
  • Supporting a charity of the year, including free marketing and fundraising support

The majority of our impact we believe is however best considered through how we work with a wider network of organisations to make a difference

  • Providing education seminars and free literature – helping organisations to understand these issues and how best to reduce their impact
  • Being involved with the local green business networks
  • Working with organisations to help them reduce their environmental impact and deliver a positive engaging message to empower others to do the same
  • Working with our suppliers to develop new approaches

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